Free Autumn Programmes for over 50s

I interrupt my usual newsletter, to bring you this announcement...

A break from ranting about builders, Brexit & bull**** to tell you about two programmes which have consumed considerable energy on my part over lockdown and for which I’d be very grateful if you’d spread the word on your social channels or simply by forwarding this newsletter!

I’m really proud of these programmes that myself, Mark, Eileen, Jenny, Steve, Alex and our amazing team of volunteers (thank you Annabel, Peter, Paul, Olivia) have managed to co-create and the opportunity to help more people that may be struggling during this period of time.

Free Autumn programmes for over 50s in London

Advantages of Age is the pro-ageing social enterprise I co-founded with the aim of improving the wellbeing of over 50s. This Autumn, we have two free programmes for Londoners aged 50+ to help build confidence, resilience, and consider their options in these challenging times.

Let’s Walk and Talk

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Build your confidence and get active with the free Let’s Walk and Talk app.

Want to build your confidence after this tough year?

Looking to get some fresh air every day and keep your mind and body healthy?

Let’s Walk and Talk is a free seven-week programme for Londoners aged 50+, designed to make you stronger mentally and physically.

Through an app containing expert advice, you’ll be supported to get walking every day, boost your confidence and resilience, and feel happy and well. Run by Advantages of Age, you can meet fellow walkers online every week or to join with friends and do the programme together.

Funded by Transport for London, the programme starts on Monday 14th September and you can sign up at

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Walking is amazing for our minds and body. @AdvantagesofAge has designed a free app for Londoners who are 50+ to help you combine the benefits of daily walks with expert advice to build your confidence and wellbeing. You can download it here:


Need to build up your confidence after a tough couple of months? @AdvantagesofAge have a free app for Londoners who are 50+ to help you combine your daily walks with expert tips to feel stronger and more resilient. #walking #mentalhealth

Startup School for Seniors

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Free course for over 50s to explore starting your own business

Are you over 50 and currently unemployed, recently been made redundant or looking to branch out on your own?

Startup School for Seniors is a free eight week eLearning course for unemployed Londoners aged 50+, who are looking to start their own business.

This course is for you if:

•      You have a passion or idea you’d like to turn into a business

•      You want to gain the skills necessary to get a new business off the ground

•      You would benefit from the support of others

Run by Advantages of Age, the course is being delivered online by entrepreneur Suzanne Noble and business coach Mark Elliott who create a fun, interactive, learning experience and support you to progress week by week. Funded by London Community Response, the course is free for unemployed Londoners. A discounted price is available for those who are unemployed and living outside London.

The course will start on Monday 5th October. Register for a place by 1 October here.

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Ever thought about becoming your own boss? @AdvantagesofAge are running a free Startup School for Seniors. If you’re 50+, live in London, are currently unemployed or have been recently made redundant, or looking to branch out on your own, find out more at

At a crossroads after #Coronavirus? Needing to take a different job path? @AdvantagesofAge are running a free Startup School for Seniors who’d like to explore running their own business. Free if you’re 50+, live in London, and are currently unemployed

Feeling ready for a new start this Autumn? @AdvantagesofAge have free programmes for over 50s in London to help you build your confidence and wellbeing. Find out more at #over50s #London #Wellbeing #confidence


Finally, the Bethnal Green Ventures Showcase is taking place virtually on 15th September, 3pm - 5.30pm where I’ll be ‘pitching’ my startup Silver Sharers, along with a BIG reveal. It should be a lot of fun. You can find the link to my personal invitation here:

Thank you for all your support, help and reading through to the end of this newsletter.

Keep safe & well,